About us



KNIPP – an enterprise with 40 years experience in the area of thermoforming and vacuum forming technology.
Against other kinds of plastic processing this method offers various application possibilities for many different kinds of branches. Additionally, you will benefit from low product and tooling costs.
Our know-how and our equipment, based on the latest level of technology, enable us to provide you professional advice, development and production. In connection with our well-known service we can provide you an optimum of cooperation to realize your demands quickly, uncomplicated and with low cost.
When we started our business in 1982 our main activity was the production of vacuumforming machines. Since that time there were some changes in our activity, which means that today the plastic processing with vacuumforming technology is in focus but we keep on the machine production as well.
We do not have a characteristic own product as we are working as a supplier. In spite of our small staff we are able to complete the needs starting from mould designing till delivery of finished goods.